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Creating something special is not easy.  The trick is to make it appear easy.  Whether it is a corporate event or a wedding to your special someone I can create an event that is guided by your vision.  I work with some of the best people in the business to customize your event and strive for a flawless experience.


The planning begins with a conversation of ideas that culminate in a sketch of your event.  We then go through and refine, change, and redesign that conversation before we put pen to paper.  This style of “listening” enables one to create and design rather than dictate.  I love when a client tries to push the limits and I have to figure out how to do something completely new. 


There are also times when we create events for ourselves.  When this happens we are moved usually to do something for charity.  Designing these events is usually about trying to get to the essence of what we are trying to do.  It all becomes about the experience we are trying to create, so that one experiences empathy and participates in the philanthropy.   

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