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Opening a new restaurant or hotel and need help with design, budgeting, or menus?  I have opened fourteen restaurants in the last twenty years and am skilled at everything from design to staffing.  Working through the process can be extremely daunting and time consuming.  Let me work through the process with you and help streamline the process, making an opening experience a pleasant and successful one.

If you have an existing restaurant and need help rebranding or just getting your P&L looking brighter let me know and I can review and make suggestions to help rectify any issues.  Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is all that is needed to see what is holding your concept back from being extremely successful.  I have extensive experience with identifying issues and implementing strategies in brands for increased longterm success.

Are you hungry for a new menu?  Trying to keep up with trends wearing you down?  From fine dining to your local brewpub and everything in between your menu is an important part of your formula for success and identity.  Let me design menu selections that are fitting for your brand and your staff.  With experience across the United States designing menus and implementing costing structures that improve your bottom line for chain and independent restaurants alike, is experience that I can put to work for you.  I can provide short or long term menu structure solutions for your concept with recipes, costing sheets, and plating instructions on a contract basis making the consulting process an easy implementation for your current situation. 

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